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37 countries!

Our app has been downloaded in 37 countries!  There are three apps.  One for zoning in Philadelphia, PA.  (Don’t expect anyone outside of the city will be much interested in that.)  Then there is the app for anyone who wants to purchase or finance property in the US.  The third app is designed for those who need to communicate about business in English.

Take a look:


Product Development

The full range of processes and activities, from idea creation to market launch, associated with improving a product or service. Usage : Product development includes setting up the operations as well as preparing the marketing message and materials.

Execuspeak Dictionary® turned 4 today!

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Today’s BIG News

Two new apps in the iTunes store!

The first one is the Business English for Residential Real Estate. The audience: first time buyers, expats to the USA, international investors looking for homes in the US, landlords, homeowners, and renters.

Link to the second app in the iTunes store. This one is Business English for Zoning and Real Estate (Philadelphia Edition). The audience: anyone who owns or develops or is involved in real estate in the City of Philadelphia. Including architects, homeowners, neighborhood associations, attorneys, investors and developers.

The practice of using skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm of many people to gather information or wisdom.
Usage: Crowdsourcing can be used to develop ideas for new products.
Core Team
The product/project manager and direct reports whose sole job responsibility is to develop and implement a new service.
Usage: Although 50 people were on the project team, the core team was only five people.


Investor or commentator who thinks that market value will go down. Pessimist. Opposite of a bull.

Usage: The investment adviser described himself as a bear and suggested that stocks might lose value over the next few weeks.

An asset that is held for the sole purpose of selling it; in manufacturing, a raw material, work-in-process, or finished good.
 Usage: Paint and tools are inventory at a hardware store.
Market Size
The number of potential customers (not existing customers or those expected to purchase). Market share is the percentage of the total market size that has made the purchase.
Usage: The market size was under dispute. One analysis said it consisted of all boys under age 18, and the other analysis said the market was boys between the ages of 15 and 18.
Fixed Asset
An asset that cannot be easily converted into cash within a short period of time, such as office equipment, buildings, and vehicles. Sometimes referred to as Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E).
Usage: The department store listing of fixed assets included   shelving, counters, and clothing racks.
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Non-Probabilistic Sample Survey
A survey that does not meet the standards for having statistical significance.
Usage: A survey of your friends and family. Your best friend’s opinion.
To encourage people to produce desired results, often through the process of developing programs and plans.
Usage: Maybe we can incentivize our people to improve their health.
Micro Discounts
Small discounts.
Usage: Sometimes discounts of 5% and 10% are referred to as micro discounts.