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It may seem quiet, but lots going on behind the scenes

August 2014
www.execuspeakdictionary.com -

As you may, or may not realize, ExecuSpeak Dictionary is a start-up.
Once the apps were approved in the Spring, it meant that we were
ready to take the next step. That would be going public… not as in
a sale of stock but as in letting people know that we are here.

At the moment, we’re putting the finishing touches on the overhaul of
the website… it’s been cleaned up and made SEO friendly. I’m
currently finishing up the behind the scenes stuff with the YouTube
channel and its 30+ videos and podcasts. We’re setting up the blog
so that I can add relevant articles, videos, and Word-of-the-Day
without making myself crazy.

Part of the plan is a more active social media presence. In addition
to Word-of-the-Day, there will be additional blog entries. What I
know about the blog(s): Our focus is business people who recognize
the value of a shared vocabulary and the need to understand technical
and professional terminology and/or jargon in order to communicate.
All of the social media options will get you Word of the Day. The
articles and information will be about :

  • NeuroScience
  • Linguistics
    Language Acquisition
  • Global English

There will be no lists of terms to avoid, no examples of good jargon or bad jargon. The validity of jargon is not for outsiders to judge.

Up to Bat:  http://dlvr.it/6b2CQK
Photo Op
Product Development
Up to Bat:   http://dlvr.it/6b23my
Weird Al’s latest

Fun with corporate lingo —



Letter of Intent. A generally nonbinding outline of an agreement. Similar to an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Usage : If the two parties cannot agree to the wording in an LOI then it’s likely they won’t be able to agree to wording in an actual contract.

Photo Op

Photograph Opportunity. An occasion or event designed to provide photographers with access to the key participants for publicity purposes. Usage : The media group set up the photo op to show company staff doing charity work.

Profit Center

A logical subdivision of the company that is responsible for both sales and costs. Compares to revenue center or cost center. Usage : The analyst assumed that the Starbucks coffee shop was a profit center for the bookstore.

Product Development

The full range of processes and activities, from idea creation to market launch, associated with improving a product or service. Usage : Product development includes setting up the operations as well as preparing the marketing message and materials.

Word Crimes Fun

ExecuSpeak Dictionary doesn’t generally get involved in grammar but this is the exception: http://youtu.be/8Gv0H-vPoDc

Risk Tolerance

The ability to manage stress and expectations when the outcome of events is unknown. Usage : Different people have different levels of risk tolerance when it comes to gambling.

Product Life Cycle

The predictable stages, from development through decline, that every product or industry experiences. Usage : Product prices are generally highest in the introductory or early adopter stage of the product life cycle.

Product Position Map

A map that represents the perceived relationship among brands, the shorter distances between brands indicating greater similarity in perception of relative attributes. Usage : Product position maps make it easier to see the relationships between products in a specific market.